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    Welcome to Shinbujutsukan!!! This site is devoted to the Philosophy and Practice of the Ancient Martial Arts of Okinawa. The term "Shinbujutsukan" refers to the place for truthful and honest study of the fighting arts of the Ryukyu Islands and Japan. This includes not just one facet of martial arts but instead delves into the tried and true combat techniques found in Karate, Kobudo, and Jujutsu. Another main focus of Shinbujutsukan is the study of "Ti". Ti is the dynamic power system and martial wizdom behind Karate and Kobudo. Without Ti, karate and kobudo is not much different from Kung Fu. In fact, Ti was mixed with Kung Fu which was being poplularly introduced to Okinawa several hundred years ago. This infusion blazed the path for the traditional Karate you are familiar with today.     

Unfortunately, with the popularization of sport karate and the "McDojo" the Ti is being lost from Karate and Kobudo. It is the purpose of the Shinbujutsukan to investigate, educate, re-infuse and re-introduce the concepts of Ti that gives the arts their true power.

The information on this site will be used primarily for the preservation and promotion of Okinawa Karate and Kobudo (with a major focus on Ti) and secondarily to advance our self defense skills through the study of Jujutsu. It is my intent and my duty to provide the most in depth, comprehensive and genuine form of traditional martial arts possible for my students and the rest of the world.







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